Contemporary Artist

Natalie Otalora

While Natalie Otalora’s artworks are mostly light-hearted in nature, Most of them are drawing attention to social issues and the fast changing society of today, touching upon subjects as consumerism and the overabundant need for things, Social media influence on humanity, the results of new media in our day to day life and the big environmental change we are currently facing.

Natalie Otálora loves to explore with complex compositions, combining different materials, images, color palettes and techniques. posters and all kinds of other interesting subjects to create a new image.

She has a big fascination for layering and collages; combining images of any kind to create new worlds and tell new stories is something that transports her to another dimension. She uses magazines, newspapers, posters or any type of printed or digital material combined with her owned designed stencils and lots of typography to create her mesmerizing compositions.




As an experienced artists in the contemporary art scene, Natalie Otalora’s artworks are being collected world wide in places like Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Colombia, Switzerland, United States and Japan.

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Experienced Artist

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My heart beats with fashion magazines, street art, architecture, high end fashion, female beauty, modern design and crazy amount of colour specially brights and neons.

– natalie otalora-

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