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Cosmopolitan Layered World

For this series Natalie Otalora travels the world photographing different cities, places and cultures before turning her photos into modern-day Impressionistic artwork. She mixes her photos with magazine cut-outs typographical fonts and street art techniques to  transform hundreds of images, mediums and materials into great compositions that tell  hundreds of stories at once.

Graffiti Vibes 

This serie touches upon Social media and brand awareness, Now a days social media is much more than a trend. It’s become an essential part of the fabric of modern society. It’s hard to overestimate how much of an impact social media now has on our world. This is true on many levels, such as the way we socialize, the way we gain access to information, the way we do business and the way we consume brands.

Fashionable Fragments


El Perfume

With this serie Natalie Otalora approaches Consumerism and Women empowerment. Consumerism and the way it shapes our wants, desires, and longings in such a way that we want not simply to acquire things because they are useful, but more so, because of what they say about us and mean to us. Chanel N.5 is the elixir that became the worlds most wanted and iconic fragrance of all times for decades and decades. It became a scent that can smell radically different from one woman to another, remarking that each woman is different and beautiful in her own essence. Natalie Otalora uses Chanel as a symbol of elegance, luxury and pure women empowerment.

“I remember seeing those amazing CHANEL advertising campaigns on billboards and magazines as a child and wondering if I’d ever be grown-up enough to wear Chanel myself” 

Iconic Femme


This series of abstract artworks is a dynamic and emotive exploration of the Natalie Otalora’s personal experiences and memories. Each piece is a visual representation of the artist’s journey, captured in bright and joyful colors that immediately engage the viewer. The use of bold brushstrokes and dynamic shapes creates a sense of movement and energy that reflects Natalie Otalora’s positive outlook on life. Themes of success, happiness, and positivity are woven throughout the series, making it a powerful reminder of the beauty and power of the human spirit. Whether viewed individually or as a cohesive collection, these artworks are sure to leave a lasting impression on those who experience them.

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