Welcome To My Palace

Technique: Mixed media/Digital Collage/Spray paint/Acrylic paint

Year: 2019

Size: 80x80cm

Series: Cosmopolitan Layered World

Finish: Mat UV protecting varnish

Extra Details: This artwork is made on Fine art paper. Hand finished with spray paint. 

The artwork is signed by the artist and it comes with Certificate of Authenticity 

About the artwork

This mixed media piece on plexiglass showcases the picturesque architecture of Amsterdam. Using a combination of digital and analog techniques, the artist has created a work that is both modern and timeless. The artwork is anchored by a well-known Dutch architectural feature that serves as a symbol of the city. In the background, a famous Dutch model is depicted with her eyes wide open, as if she is taking in the beauty and charm of the city.

The artist used a variety of photographs taken by themselves, and digitally combined them to create the foundation of the artwork. This approach allows the artist to incorporate diverse elements of the city and blend them into a cohesive image. The piece was then enhanced with the use of ink, acrylic paint and spray paint, which added texture and depth to the artwork. A final coating of 3 layers of epoxy resin was applied, giving the piece a glossy finish and added protection.

This artwork is a celebration of Amsterdam’s picturesque architecture and a reflection of the artist’s perspective on the city. The presence of the Dutch model gives a sense of personal connection to the city and the use of epoxy resin creates a piece that is both contemporary and timeless. The artist’s admiration for the city’s beautiful architecture is evident in the artwork and adds an extra layer of meaning to the piece.

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